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CAHSEE English - Curt Riesberg

CAHSEE English

 CAHSEE Prep: English 

 SLA 1T  section 8988                   

May 5th – July 11, 2008
Class time: Weds. 3 – 6 p.m.           
Lab times: the lab will be available 8a.m. – 6p.m.     Mon. – Thurs.

Prof. Curt Riesberg
Office HLRC 139
Office hours: May 5 – May 24:   Mon. – Thurs.  3 – 7:30
                  May 24 – July 10: Weds.  11 – 2     Thurs.     11 – 6p.m.
Phone: (310) 287-4486
Email:  riesbecd@wlac.edu

Course Description:  Students who are participants in the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) preparation program will participate in a Supervised Learning Assistance curriculum that readies them to take and pass the CAHSEE in the area of English.  This course may be repeated up to three times if necessary.

Objectives:  Mastery of English reading and writing skills, as well as requisite test-taking skills, to the level required to pass the CAHSEE and receive a high school diploma.

Course Text and Materials: The textbook is CAHSEE Math & English Preparation Manual ,  Revolution Prep LLC, 2002-2008.
Supplies are all included the Student Success Kit.
NOTE:  Students will not be required to purchase anything; it is all provided by the West Los Angeles College CAHSEE Prep Program.

Requirements: Students are expected to attend and fully participate for a total of at least 18 total Class hours and also participate in the computer-assisted instruction Lab for a total of at least 18 hours.

Grading: In lieu of formal grading, students will be issued progress reports and will be expected to take and pass the CAHSEE English exam in July.  Students will be periodically evaluated through interviews, tests, and essays.


I. Study Skills
Introduction to organization, time management, note taking, test taking, and study habits.

II. English Skills

1. Reading Comprehension
    a. Read and paraphrase selected fiction and non-fiction readings
(articles, short stories, biographies, and poetry)
    b. Identify main idea and supporting details in paragraphs and multi-paragraph readings
    c. Distinguish between fact and opinion in selected readings
    d. Identify and define meanings of figurative language using context cues
    e. Use context to decode unfamiliar vocabulary
    f. Use skimming and scanning of readings as appropriate to tasks

2. Sentence Mechanics
    a. sentence structure
    b. grammar and usage
    c. spelling and punctuation
    d. parts of speech

3. Essay Writing Overview
    a. prewriting techniqes
    b. planning
    c. drafting
    d. revision
    e. rhetorical modes: types of essays

This syllabus is intended as a flexible guide document and content may change at the discretion of the instructor.

West LA College | WLAC Course Syllabi | Learning Skills | CAHSEE English - Curt Riesberg